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Jibe Control (JC) Strap -- Keeping the Boom Out in Light Air

I want to thank Ralph Kelley Jr. who first showed me how this works and how to construct a jibe control (JC) strap for the MC.

On real light air days it is difficult to make the boom move out and stay out when jibing. I sometimes sit in the forward part of the cockpit to force and keep the boom out. The JC strap will help control this condition for you! And it is a legal addition to the MC.

Parts List:

  • 10- feet of 5/16" shock cord
  • 1 - Harken #82 single block
  • 3 - 5/16" carabiners
  • 1 - shackle
  • hog rings and rigging tape


Run the cord through the block and attach one of the carabiners to the block. Attach the other two carabiners to each end of the cord with the hog rings. Cover the ends with rigging tape. Attach the shackle to the mast-side of the bowplate handle.


Clip the carabiner with the block to the boom bail where your boom-vang is attached. Lead each end around its side of the mast and clip both to the shackle on the bow plate.

You will notice that the boom, when nudged from the center position, will now quickly swing out to the side and stay there. Be careful when you try this on land!

See you on the starting line!

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