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Notes to buyers & sellers
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NOTE: Using the for sale forums is a benefit of membership in MCSA.  Placing ads for non-members is not allowed and will result in the removal of the ad.
To Place an Ad:
You must be a current member of MCSA to place a For Sale ad. Sign up or renew membership first by going here:
Member Signup / Information
Log on and post under the appropriate forum. Click the "start new thread " button to create the posting.
You must be a current member of MCSA to edit your For Sale ad.
NOTE: Your ads are publicly visible. Only members may post to your thread and their messages are public as well.
Unless stated otherwise, seller is willing to consider your 'best offer'.
Ads automatically expire 90 days after posting or last update. All ads will be removed when your membership expires.
If you sold you boat - email to have your ad removed. It is the only way at this time. 

Planning to buy or sell your MC? Read how Robert Rimel approached Buying a Used MC Scow===> Buying a used MC

Know model year of your MC? click here for info =====> Hull Number by Model Year

Hull number 2475 was first MC with new deck design (enclosed cockpit).

Help buyers by placing in your post where your boat is located ie: city & state!
Questions about ads? Send an e-mail with appropriate contact information to Webmaster.
(JBW = Johnson Boat Works; MBW = Melges Performance Sailboats)

Classified Ad Scam Warning

You may have occasion to use the MCSA Web Site to advertise a boat or related equipment. Please beware of scam artists.


One scam works something like this (with many variations): The interested person (scammer) supposedly has a client, a friend, or business acquaintance who owes him money. That money (more than you are asking for the boat) is sent to you in the form of a cashier's check (WHICH IS FAKE!). When you receive the cashier's check, you are supposed to deposit it and send a personal check for the overage amount to the scammer.


Here's how you get taken: The bank has no idea that the cashier's check is fake, so they accept it, and you send a good check to the scammer. After several days, the bank finds out that the cashier's check was fake, and you are responsible for it. By then you are out your good check, and possibly the boat, if the scammer even bothered to come get it.


Precautions: Don't accept or deposit any checks without having the bank first verify its authenticity. Tell others about this scam, especially if they may have items advertised somewhere.
NEVER give out all of your personal information. NEVER give anybody your banking information such as bank name, account number, routing numbers. KNOW who you are dealing with. Cash is the best form to payment.
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