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MCSA - Sanctioned vs Regional Regattas
There are currently 6 “sanctioned” regattas on the MC circuit. All others are referred to as “regional” regattas. All regattas posted on the MCSA website are considered “official”. The distinction between the two categories has more to do with the degree of MCSA involvement, prestige, attendance, and weighting for National standings.
Listed below in outline form are some of the differences between sanctioned and regional regattas (and a few of the steps necessary to host a sanctioned event):

MCSA Sanctioned Regattas
  1. Currently SIX:
    1. Midwinters
    2. Nationals
    3. Masters
    4. Youth
    5. Team
    6. Blue Chip
  2. All competitors must be current members of MCSA.
  3. MCSA will provide the following assistance:
    • Regatta Organizational Guidelines;
    • Notice of Race published in Touch of Class;
    • On-line posting of Notice of Race and registration;
    • Perpetual trophies;
    • Keeper Trophy design, categories, and quantities. Host pays for keeper Trophies.
    • Review and approval of NOR and MCSA supplied Sailing Instructions;
    • Remuneration for MCSA supplied PRO; and $250 for photographer
    • Audit of final results.
  4. The host club will be responsible for administration and staffing of the event, organization of related activities, and financial risk. All revenue is retained by the host club net of a $30 per boat fee paid to MCSA.
  5. Potential venues are reviewed and selected by the MCSA Board several years in advance of the event. In addition to having a local fleet with the desire, skill sets, and facility to host a sanctioned event, criteria considered by the Board when selecting a venue is its potential drawing power and maintaining a geographical balance from year to year. In the case of the Masters and Nationals, the number of competitors could be in the 60-120 range.
  6. Clubs wishing to host a sanctioned event should contact the MCSA Secretary for preliminary consideration. A written proposal might be requested by the Board and should include but not necessarily be limited to the following:
    1. Geographic location and available sailing area.
    2. Typical winds and weather for the proposed dates.
    3. PRO/RC staffing to include rescue boats.
    4. Available dry/wet sail space to include shuttle boats.
    5. Vehicle parking.
    6. Housing accommodations.
    7. Plan for spectators (both on shore and water).
    8. Clubhouse facilities (to include kitchen prep area, dining, lounge area, and restrooms).
    9. Proposed meals and social activities.
    10. Pricing [registration; meals (Skipper & guests; included and ala cart)]
    11. Provisions for boat and sail measurement.
    12. Internet Access for on-line/on-site registration.
Regional Regattas


  1. Scheduled, planned, and controlled by local MCSA chartered club. It is recommended that MCSA and US SAILING guidelines be followed for the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions. All profits are retained by the host club and no accounting provided to MCSA.


  2. MCSA will provide the following assistance: Regatta packet; NoR and on-line registration ($5.00 discount to MCSA members required); Touch of Class and on-line posting of regatta results, pictures, and article.



Regatta Scoring Template 

Sailing Instructions

We recommend that you use both the MCSA Standard Sailing Instructions and the Supplemental Instructions combined for your regional regatta. The supplemental instructions template defines the specifics related to your event, and any exceptions to the MCSA Standard SI's.

Revision Date: August 04, 2019:
MCSA Standard Sailing Instructions 

Regional Template:
Download the template below, modify this for your event, and use in combination with the MCSA Standard Sailing Instructions above to create the SI set

Revision Date: January 31, 2019:
Supplemental Sailing Instructions Template - Regional Regatta 

Other Tools

US Sailing Starting Sequence - 5 Minute

RRS Protest Form

Scoring Review Request

MC & MCSA Official Logos

If you are in need of a specific type of MC or MCSA Logo file or color please email with the subject line "MC Logo Request" and state the specifics needed.


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