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Fix-it-Corner / Rigging

The MC is popular not only with the young set but also with those over 50. However, although the desire is there, we don't all have the agility and strength of the younger generation. In my own case, I learned to sail just before my 51st birthday! And for that reason, I continually look for ways to make it easier to handle my MC. To date I have made various changes to my MCs that made them safer and simpler to handle. The articles below give details on what was done. Perhaps you will find them of use as well.


Halyard Quick-Release LineMC Safety LineScow SpecificationsLine Lengths --Matrix of line lengths from Melges for the 2001 MC (should be close or identical for 1800 - 2474 series.)
Stepping and Taking the Mast Down YourselfAdd 2:1 Purchase in Board Lines plus Board Height AdjustmentHave you checked your boards lately?JC Strap -- Keeping the Boom out in Light AirTips & Facts from other MC Sailors

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