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MC Sailing Association 
The MC Sailing Association (MCSA) was formed in 1973 to promote the sport and sportsmanship of one-design yacht racing in general, and the MC Scow in particular. Prior to 2003 it was known as the International MC Class Sailboat Racing Association (IMCCSRA).
MCSA monitors the development of the MC and closely guards the one-design integrity of the class. Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws set up a Board of Governors with a Commodore, Vice-Commodore, Treasurer, and Secretary.The Board of Governors meets regularly on-line and at the National Championship Regatta. The Annual Meeting of the Membership is held at the National Championship Regatta.
Fleets are chartered according to the By-Laws. There are currently 104 fleets chartered in the U.S. in 23 states and 1 fleet in Canada. The one-time chartering fee is $50. Fleets participate in the governing of the class, are eligible to hold sanctioned regattas, and get free publicity and access to the MC Membership.
Individuals may join the association independently of chartered fleets for $35 a year. This entitles them to two issues (Summer, and Fall) of the Touch of Class magazine, access to the members only section which includes: placing ads, and Forums with maintenance & go fast tips!. Privileges include voting rights and eligibility for membership on the Board of Governors and Technical Committee.
MC Classes/Trophy Divisions

On March 13, 1999, on April 5, 2003, on Aug 19, 2004, and June, 2007 the Board clarified the following age/trophy divisions for use in MC regattas (age on first day of scheduled racing).

  • Youth (Y) - less than 25 years
  • Open (U50 or blank) - Male sailor between 25 and 49 inclusive
  • Woman (W) - no age designated
  • Master (M) - 50 to 59 years
  • Grand Master (GM) - 60 to 69 years
  • Mega Master (MM) - 70 to 79 years
  • Old Salt (OS) 80 years or older
    NOTE: With the exception of the Masters Regatta, for which an OS trophy has been donated, OS sailors compete with the MM's for trophy purposes.

MCSA Sailing Instructions and Host Guidelines
(Download from the Members Only => Regatta Mgmt. section.)
The MCSA Sailing Instructions (SI) are available in PDF and Word format. The MCSA Host Guidelines are in PDF format. We encourage you to use and adapt these SIs and guidelines for your own regattas. By having identical, or very similar, SIs for all regattas we 'level the playing field' and improve the overall consistency and quality of MC racing around the country.
Great Ideas to Try in Your Fleet

The September 1999 issue of Sailing World mentioned "The Fleet 55 Starting System". Here is an expanded description supplied by Peter Van Kampen that details the key elements that made their sailing club a success story. They were:

  1. Strong leadership, especially Rod Nystul, the commodore for several years, who is very enthusiastic.
  2. Well-organized social events (3) throughout the summer months.
  3. Fun Races during the season that race around the islands and through some narrow channels rather than around the buoys, and
  4. A unique starting system that accomplishes the goals of competitive club sailing.
    The Fleet 55 Starting System has helped achieve these results:
    • new members joining every year, some just for the social events
    • members staying with the club for a very long time
    • sailing members, sailing most of the races
    • all sailors improving every season

The full story is in this: Fleet 55 handicap system .
Building an MC Fleet  by Jack Kern

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