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Event Registrants

This is a list of registrants for the displayed event
Title: MC Sailing Association Seminar
When: Saturday, September 21, 2019

Name Type
Stephen Barth Members -MCSA
Brian Bellew Non Member -MCSA
Louis Boryc Members -MCSA
Allan Brown Non Member -MCSA
Daniel Callahan Members -MCSA
Palmer Cameron Non Member -MCSA
David Cleveland Non Member -MCSA
Henri Dutilly Non Member -MCSA
Bob Fiedler Non Member -MCSA
Dan Fink Members -MCSA
George Flaherty Non Member -MCSA
David Gallagher Members -MCSA
Christopher Gannon Members -MCSA
Jan Gill Non Member -MCSA
Glenn Hansen Members -MCSA
Ron Hull Members -MCSA
Ben Johnson Members -MCSA
Mark Johnson Members -MCSA
Charles Kaska Members -MCSA
Mark Knoerr Non Member -MCSA
Joe Kovarik Non Member -MCSA
Scott Kroning Non Member -MCSA
Jeffrey Lee Members -MCSA
Steven Lyon Members -MCSA
Steven Martin Members -MCSA
A Ottenheimer Members -MCSA
j rammer Members -MCSA
Daniel Schalk Members -MCSA
David Sebald Members -MCSA
Fred Shappert Members -MCSA
Dennis Smalley Non Member -MCSA
Edward Stassen Members -MCSA
Tom Touchett Non Member -MCSA
Peter Van Kampen Members -MCSA
Bradley Wagner Non Member -MCSA
John Zils Members -MCSA

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